Each month I’m going to try and put together a moodboard about something that’s in the air or on my mind… This week it’s green.

I’m seeing green. Pretty much everywhere. Bottle Green to Sage, there are so many hues. Maybe the freshness and naturalness and pedigree of green are things people need right now. Here are some of my favorites.



Why I love Green


1- Dorothy Draper- She was a big fan of green, I love this Interior illustration from In the Pink by Carleton Varney.

2- Sister Arabella’s paintings- The best colorist I know.

3- Duplo -need I say more.

4- My parents used to bring back Stone Eggs from all around the world and keep them in a big bowl, these are a few green hued ones.

5- Cabana Mag- One of my fave reads, this edition by Dries Van Noten, my hero.

6- A Vintage Kate Spade Bracelet- Another brave lady who loved green.

7- Tales of the City, if you haven’t read it you should!

8- Decline and Fall/Gibbon… If you haven’t read it, I’m not surprised, but in the meantime the volumes brighten up a dreary shelf.

9- Farrow and Ball color chart, they have a great range of livable greens.


1- Zoffany-Colonnade-Empire, Bold and Brave!

2- Peter Dunham outdoor fabric Burkhara, so bright and happy.

3- KLS Botanical in Green and KLS Botanical Green ground. 

4- KLS The Dash in Blush/ Ginger & Stone, because its all about the offset

5- KLS The Leaf in fresh green

6- Antique warp printed silks from ebay!

7- An Aunts dress made into a pillow 

8- Sari Falls I pick up in India, more on that in another blogpost.