This chair was my grandparents’. I love it and wanted to upholster it in a personal way. There’s not much space for the upholstery to make a statement - just the seat. The lovely geometry of the woodwork is the real attraction of the piece.

I decided to hand paint some linen. A hand-painted piece is great when you can’t find that perfect color or design. Also it can give a much needed “something extra special” for a nook or overlooked area.

First, I like to paint out ideas… Painting straight onto photos of the piece is a great trick to see what works, though I think I got a little carried away here!

I’ve had some linen custom made in India that’s perfect for this. Thick, heavy, with a rich natural color. I have some square pieces in the studio for trying different block prints on, and they are just big enough.

I used a mixture of ink and textile dye here to get the color vibrance I was looking for against the natural ground.

Starting to play by wrapping the different options around the seat of the chair…..

But people on insta liked these two designs best:

Mark Making Masculine

Thanks for your takes!

Next up we’re going to transform this smelly old wingback… Can’t wait!