Fabness in Ann Arbor!

I've been showing for a year with a new showroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan: CLOTH & KIND.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to visit. It's truly fantastic. An outgrowth of her design practice with Tami Ramsay, the store is run by Krista Nye Nicholas and her lovely team. I spent the day painting, meeting local designers, and talking about our custom fabric design process.


Krista is my kind of lady, funny as hell, full of energy and creativity, and she’s put together a compelling collection of modern furnishings that demand attention.

Treasures I loved:

Stunning ANTIQUE KARABAGH PICTORIAL RUG : Gorgeous, Iconic VINTAGE 1988 PETRAVOLICH VASE : Stunning oil painting “TRAVELERS MAP” by Blayne Macauley : Incredible FURNITURE BY VANCOLLIER : Awesome Objects they find on their travels : Amazing rugs by KINGS HOUSE



This is not your average coffee table book. There’s a brilliant mix of styles in there, fascinating characters, women with real guts and chutzpah. Unsung heroes too. I loved discovering Fleur Cowels, whose determination to not be among the unsung was fierce. And Georgia O’Keefe, whose crisp modernism seems to me to be absolutely fresh still.

How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century, by P. Gaye Tapp, with a foreword by Charlotte Moss



It’s early summer here, I am already thinking about fall… Life is elsewhere.

I recently found this beautiful 19-century outfit for sale at Charles Whitaker auction house:

Victorian dress via Charles Whitaker auction house

Since then I can’t get these colors out of my mind, I want to add them to the line. Here are my thoughts…in paint!